Last March I spent two weeks in Hueco. It was a great roadtrip and just thinking about it makes me want to go back. In fact, I’ll likely spend the first three weeks of December there this year! During that trip I redpointed a problem called Rumble in the Jungle, a V12 on the softer side, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was a huge confidence booster for me. It felt good to be climbing strong again. Lev Pinter was there with a camera and he got it rolling just in time to capture my redpoint send. Check it out:

You hear my good friend, Rich Kupskay, encouraging me in the background. If you want to send a problem, have this guy nearby. He’s been with me for all 5 of my most recent hard sends! Isn’t that a great stat? Rich’s extra energy helped me send Dark Age, Rumble in the Jungle, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Black Magic, and Vince Pinch. Thanks, Rich!

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