The release of Marc Bourdon’s new guidebook has invigorated climbers everywhere, myself included. This is partly due to his list of Top 100 Boulder Problems. I’ve made it a goal to tick as many of those problems off as I can. I’m getting close! I’m 77% of the way through and there are still plenty left that I’m sure I’m capable of doing. I’ve sure picked the list over though. I’m left with problems in areas that I’ve never been to like the Powerline Boulders, problems that are are too hard for me, and a problem that I don’t think should be problem, but still a project (I won’t get into that here, however). This list has been the topic of discussion many times when I’m out in the forest. I often hear people complain about how some of the problems just aren’t that good, or about how some problems that are total gems aren’t on the list. I usually defend Marc by saying that the list is meant to highlight some of the best problems in each of the bouldering areas. And I think it’s great because it’s motivated me to get out to different areas like Paradise Valley, Furry Creek, and the Smoke Bluffs so that I can boulder something new and hopefully good.

The guidebook also has a list of the best highballs that I want to do as well, but aren’t included in the Top 100. On Sunday I tried Black Slabbath, first ascended by Jeremy Blummel, that I couldn’t do. I got about 3/4 of the way up, but then it got really hard! Let me know if you any of you want to try this with me again. Especially if you have foot beta!

I snapped some pics over the weekend. These are all problems from the Top 100 list. Here they are:

Ryan Olson on Ramen Raw, V7

Vikki Weldon on Sunshine and Lollipops, V5

Mike Weldon on Sunshine and Lollipops, V5

Mike Weldon on Enchanted, V4

Vikki Weldon on The Fridge, V7

Mike Weldon on The Fridge, V7

5 Responses to “The Squamish Top 100 Boulder Problems”
  1. Chris Rich says:

    I’ve been super psyched on the list as well. I think it’s done a great job of luring climbers out of the main grand wall boulders and spreading the traffic throughout Squamish. There’s so much good climbing out there, and so many people stay in the same central area. Nicely done Marc… I wish I was at 77% or so through the list.. I’ve got lot’s of work to do. Good luck finishing the list Jamie.

  2. Jamie Chong says:

    Thanks Joel! Yep the whole Weldon family climbs. I should try to get shots of all of them on that problem!

  3. Joel says:

    I love the pics, especially the two of sister and brother on the same move of the same problem. Can you tell they’re related?! They are in the same body position, same movement, and have the exact same facial expression.

  4. Martin Son says:

    I agree. The list has motivated me to go after obscure problems. There have been some that have frustrated me to no end (Connect Four) and others that have just blown me way with just how good they are.

  5. M. says:

    It’s a pretty good list… Though I say that because I edited it…

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