This Easter weekend, like most long weekends, I went out climbing. Me and Ryan Olson road tripped down to the states for some granite bouldering at Leavenworth. On our way, we stopped by Larrabee State Park and sent a sweet sandstone roof problem. This climb is right on the beach and it was great to have the afternoon sun energizing us after a long winter of wet and cold. We rolled into Leavy and setup camp at the Forestland Parking lot since the 8 mile campground is currently inaccessible due to a crazy landslide that ravaged the road earlier this month.

In the morning Ryan and I met up with Alex Savage, a guy I met while in Joe’s Valley in March. This guy is living the dream and roadtripping all around the western states. We warmed up at the Rubble then were joined by Kyle O’Meara, who’s put up many of the FAs at Leavenworth. He took us to the Whip Boulder to show us some new goodness he put up. Ryan, Alex and I all sent a pretty classic V7 called Miracle Whip. Next we sessioned on Cool Whip, which, in my opinion, is an amazingly fun V10. Our party moved over to the Mad Max boulder where we spent the best two hours of the weekend.

I’m motivated to climb pretty much anything that is better than average in terms of quality. The Mad Max boulder has two classics and an even more classicer low start to an already classic classic. These problems are Mad Max, V7; Thunderdome, V10; and Thunderdome Low, V11. I got to send them all!! Psyched!

We killed the day on Cotton Pony, The Icehouse, mexican food, beers and a camp fire. On Sunday morning we were trashed! We climbed a little at the The Beach in the Tumwater area, then continued our way back home. An amazing weekend with a good friend!

Cool Whip, V10

Alex Savage on Thunderdome, V10

Ryan Olson on Thunderdome, V10

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  1. Jamie Chong says:


    Sorry for the super late reply!! I was actually about to reply the day after you posted, but got caught up looking for the Whip boulder on Google Maps. I couldn’t find it, then must of got distracted, then forgot. haha my attention span is short.

    Anyways, I still don’t know exactly which boulder it is. I followed Kyle OMeara there. We parked on the left side of the road while driving in. The boulder is about 10 feet from the edge of the road and you can stand on it. Cool Whip starts on an undercling, which you can kinda see in my picture above. Miracle Whip starts to the right on a horn that you cup with you right hand. (Or cup with left hand and cross into a crimp).

    Thunderdome is good too. You start that one to the far right side of the rail. The first move is your right hand going to the crimpy edge that both guys in the picture are using.

    I hope this helps! You probably already went and sent these already. If you have better directions for the Whip Boulder now, let me know :)

  2. Max Moore says:


    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I think we may have met briefly in the Forestland parking lot. I’ve been heading up to Leavenworth quite a bit and would love to check out Cool Whip and Miracle Whip. Do you have any beta on the area/boulder/start holds?

    Also Thunderdome looks super rad! Where does that start in relation to Mad Max?

    I’ll probably be back up at the beginning of June for a few weeks so if you’re there we should climb!

    Thanks so much for any help.


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